A Gnome’s Home

There being many races of Gnome, naturally there are many types of Gnome home. Following is a description of the homes of the more commonly known Gnomes.

The garden gnome likes to settle in old overgrown English-style gardens. This provides many hiding places and the more overgrown the garden the cooler it is and the more shade it provides in the summer, as they spend most of their time outside during the warm months. The garden gnome often has a little burrow or tree hollow if they can find one that is their home. They spend most of their time here in the winter. Their home will consist of two parts, one section is their living area usually via a tunnel they will have another burrow or tree with storage for food, supplies, etc. Often to throw off curious animals and humans a garden gnome will have the entrance to their home set a great distance from the burrow and connected via tunnel

The forest gnome has a similar home to the garden gnome. It is thought that the garden gnomes were originally forest gnomes that were pushed out when many of the forests were cut down. Their homes will all reside in three separate trees. One is the living area connected to a second tree that is the supply room and the third is the secret entrance to the gnome’s home.

Underground gnomes are thought to be some of the oldest gnome races on earth. Gnomes are a race deeply connected to the earth and said to be able to move through the earth as if it were water. The underground gnome chooses to remain in close contact with the earth. gazebo It’s said that these gnomes guard treasures in their homes. Some legends say that each of the underground gnome families was given a lode of precious metal or stone to watch over. Not much is known about the homes of this race. Some suggest that they made the precious lodes they watch over into their homes, with walls of gold or diamond or silver.

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